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For those that found a place better than Earth. You will be remembered forever. 



August 26, 2022

James was pulled from the streets after being spotted with a large wound on his face, and limping. He was later diagnosed with FIV, multiple abscesses and "possible" health issues. He was later brought back to rest. Unfortunately, weeks later, he was called to Heaven after having kidney complications.



September 18th, 2023

Oreo was pulled from euthanization in South Carolina, and had a very long trip back to Ohio. With one blockage after another, we triumphed and got back safely. Unfortunately, his time with us was anything but easy. We quickly learned that Oreo had seizures which would cause his behavior to decline and go through painful phases. 

Oreo was abandoned by his owners for 4 years on their property left to his own with the occasional feeding from their neighbors. 



February, 27th 2024

The most handsome man you could have ever met with one fiery personality. Unfortunately, he was let down 6 times before making it to our rescue. During his time here, we made sure he was given the best and remind him that he was loved. 

Called to Heaven: News
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