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Being a foster-based rescue, the only way we can acquire the necessary materials is either through an event, having you drop off at one of our safe-homes, or having one of our volunteers be sent out to do a porch pick-up.

Send us an email and we'll give you the available times for the week as they may vary. You must provide a phone number so a volunteer can reach out to you if the items are misplaced or to alert you when the items have been picked up. Also include the type of items and quantity so we can schedule for an appropriate vehicle. All heavy items must be specifically identified for the safety of our volunteers.   

For your safety, all volunteers must go through a brief screening process and have their vehicle information updated in our system. 


All cash donations go directly into the organization for animal healthcare, basic necessities, training, and to help Coming Back Home Rescue grow. Donations are never used outside the name of the organization. No donation is too great or too small, as every bit counts. You can learn more at "Expense Breakdown" or through Zeffy!

Starting Late June, we will be closing our PayPal and Cashapp to fully switch over to Zeffy. 

Until then, you can donate via:

Cashapp [$CBHRescue]

Venmo [@CBHRescue]

Paypal []

Check or Cash 

Contact us today for more information. 

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After participating in a few demos and learning about Zeffy, we have determined that Zeffy will provide a much smoother experience to help our contributors support us with an ease of mind. 

Unlike some other electronic transfers, Zeffy is 100% FREE to you and us, without taking a % of your donations. Best part is they handle keeping records, sending tax receipts and various of other awesome tasks giving everyone a peace of mind. You don't need an account and you can by pay card. 

While we made the official change in July, we will keep other options open for those who may not be able to join us in the change. 

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