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Without volunteers, Coming Back Home Rescue would not be able to operate and take in animals to help them find their way home. Every donated time you provide to the organization is a step closer to fulfilling our mission. We ensure, to the best of our ability, that our volunteers remain safe and educated for each animal they take on or a new task they are faced with. 

You are not another face, another house, free-work ... You are our neighbors, friends and family, and we treat you like such. With different programs and roles, we are certain you can find your next calling. 

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Learn how you can help out today!



Dog in the Parkl


Study Group on the Grass


Come enjoy the great outdoors and other fun activities with our rescues. As an Adventure Buddy, you'll come pick up a rescue for the day to take them to a pre-coordinated adventure. This could be walking trails, working side jobs, parks, beaches and more!

Fosters are our biggest necessity in the rescue to help us rehome animals and provide love for each one. These can be short-term or long-term. All supplies and medical bills are covered for a peace of mind. However, because we care so much about our volunteers, we ensure you have access to some helpful benefits for the safety and care of your loved ones.

Are you looking for a great opportunity to expand your knowledge and share it with our community? Under the guide of the Executive Director, learn about many amazing topics regarding pets and animal welfare. Hold community workshops to educate our friends and family on how to be the very best we can be for our furry little (or big) friends. 

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Our volunteer program is constantly evolving with the support of our volunteers. We have created different educational courses for our volunteers to help with their time here and share with others. In addition, we are working on helping our volunteers keep their own pets safe! You could say - "we care." 

Open Resource Library

We have developed an ever-growing Google File of available knowledge and educational materials. This can be accessed 24/7. Things you can find in here include animal welfare laws, animal behavior, dealing with pet anxiety and more!

Discount Vaccines

Starting 2023, we will be offering discounted FVRCP, DAPP, and Bordetella to our fosters for their personal pets to help keep them safe in your fostering adventures. We are currently not offering Rabies Vaccines at this time. 

Discount or Volunteer Dog Walking or Sitting

When available, we can send out volunteers or freelancers to help walk your foster during busy days or if you are feeling you need a few days to relax. Raising dogs can be tiring and we completely understand. Leaving town? We will work towards finding a sitter for you that is approved by Coming Back Home Rescue. You must pay for some of these services but are discounted when through preferred workers. 

**Reactive animals may have limited resources and require a notice up to three months in advance.  

**We can't guarantee always having someone available, most specifically for dog walking. 

Education Opportunities

We want to make sure our volunteers are safe and want to give them the opportunity to grow. Coming Back Home Rescue has plenty of opportunities for our volunteers to learn new things. Find out when our next course is!

  • Pet Behavior 

  • Basic Pet First-Aid

  • Pet Handling

  • Human and Pet Relations

  • Stimulation Workshop

  • and More!

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Saving Lives Since 2022

For those seeking to become more involved in the back end of rescue, where we travel to save lives and assess the many animals coming in - contact us today on how you can help. We are always seeking long distance transporters and those who want to come in to really get to know the animals before they head into foster homes. We are also looking for networkers and a search team to help find adoptable candidates to pull them to safety. This is not for the feint of heart. 

Volunteers: Welcome
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