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Animals Pulled from Euthanization


Animals Safely Rehomed


Animals Helped Within Community
(TNR, Training, Medical, Food)

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You can find a button to download an application or request one via email.


We can come to you or meet at a neutral location (dogs) to help determine if it's a perfect fit for you and the animal!


While usually taken care of during the Happy Visit, we do house visits to make sure it's a safe environment, matches the application and everyone is comfortable with the new addition. These are generally brief.


Fill out the adoption agreement along with their adoption fee to finalize your decision.

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You can now learn more about our animals via Trello! Along seeing who is pending on coming in, pending adoption or on medical hold.



Beretta (Right)

Beretta came from Alabama after being wounded from a .22 and left for death. Someone found her and brought her to the shelter. Due to the staff shortage, she was frequently in her kennel with urine and feces. By the time she came to us (Easter Day), she had a double infection. Now that she is all healed up, she is looking for her forever home. Beretta would do best in a home with other dogs and needs patient handlers as she does not trust new people right away. Foster to Adopt ONLY. (She is about 8 months old and kid/cat/dog friendly)

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We at Coming Back Home Rescue understand the hassle of the extra steps when enquiring about one of our animals. Some of us wish we can sign papers and go home with our new beloved pet on the same day. However, please understand that for every little extra step, there is a reason behind it. There are numerous people out there who pull from shelters only to use them for baiting, abuse them, or have other horrible ulterior motives. We take the extra time to ensure the bond between you and your pet of interest is mutual. We also ensure that whichever pet you fell in love with is going to a safe place. If you looking to surrender or assist with pulling, please reach out to see how we can help out!


Image by Chewy

Adoption is one of the greatest ways to give a rescue dog a second chance at life. You're providing an amazing opportunity for them to find happiness. Our adoption fees go towards:

  • Flea/Tick/Heartworm Prevention

  • Medical Costs

  • Essential Needs for Care

  • Training

  • Microchipping 

​These never cover the full costs per rescue, so please consider donation or sponsoring an animal. 


Puppy Chin Scratch

Animals come into our organization a number of ways though, most commonly from shelter pulls. Dogs or Cats brought from shelters were typically awaiting euthanization for a number of reasons. However, we do accept strays and owner surrender on the occasion. If you're able to foster until a replacement foster or home is found, you'll have a better chance of us having space.


Dog & Cat Pals

As mentioned, animals come in a number of ways and most specifically pulling from shelters. If you see a dog or cat pending euthanization, you can reach out to us to assist with pulling. Though, we must have fosters prior to pulling. If they are out of state, please consider donating to cover a portion of their transport costs which averages about $700 when out of state, south or far east. It can range $1000 or more far west.

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Now with an Extra Peace of Mind

As of May, 4th 2023, Coming Back Home Rescue is using QR ID Pet Tags to bring an extra peace of mind to our fosters and volunteers. These tags are durable, easy to use, holds plenty of information, can create lost pet flyers or alert your neighborhood and replace missing/broken tags! The people at HeyBuddy were excellent when it came to answering our questions and getting in touch with us. Click the image below to use our referral code when getting your new adopted pet a new pet tag. We get 20% of every sale that goes right back into the rescue!

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